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Intuitive Yoga - Gallery

"Yoga is not about proving. It's not about succeeding. It's about being and growing as you are."

My yoga journey

My yoga journey started the summer 2018. And as with everything else, I practice intuitively - hence the name Intuitive Yoga. I´m completely self-taught and my yoga practice includes the whole being; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Through Intuitive Yoga we practice wholeness in depth, focusing on the growth of our soul, health, strength, balance and harmony, as well as a conscious relationship between our physical and non-physical reality.

My yoga photography

I take yoga photos in nature, both because it simply is the most beautiful place to be, and it´s a way to find inspiration and cooperate with nature in my creative work. But, I also do this with the intention to give nature the attention and central place it deserves in our lives, as well as inspire people to spend time in nature and thereby connect with their own nature. No nature, no life. - The simple truth. When we take care of nature, we also take care of ourselves and all life on this planet, as well as climate which is a direct reflection of Mother Nature.

To read the intuitive messages associated with each yoga pose, click on the image and then the arrows in the upper left corner, or ESC.
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