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Intuitive Yoga

"Yoga is not about proving. It's not about succeeding. It's about being and growing as you are."
~ Ayako Miki

My yoga journey started the summer 2018. And as with everything else, I practice intuitively - hence the name Intuitive Yoga. I´m completely self-taught and my yoga practice includes the whole being; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Through Intuitive Yoga we practice wholeness in depth, focusing on the growth of our soul, health, strength, balance and harmony, as well as a conscious relationship between our physical and non-physical reality.

I offer yoga classes with a focus on pincha mayurasana (forearm balances) versus sirasana (headstands)

When we practice pincha we focus on being physically centred with the spine as our core. And we practice sirasana, we focus on being energetically centred with our axis as the core. - Two types of centering that help us balance both body and mind. (My classes are not for beginners).

I also offer private lessons in your home (in Örebro)

When we work individually I have the possibility to meet you exactly as you are and where you are, and thereby form the lesson according to your own needs and abilities. For some, these yoga lessons will be more spiritually based than others, depending on where you are on your journey. No matter what, we will work intuitively with a holistic perspective. I only take students that I feel is intuitively open and harmonize with my yoga practice. If interested, write me a message and tell me a little about yourself.
Intuitive Yoga by Ayako Miki - Yogaklasser
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