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I have deliberately chosen not to have any general advertising on either blog or website. The reason for this is that I find advertising disturbing, and also don´t wish to publish anything on my website that I cannot support. Hence, I also turn down a source of income. Nor do I want to create a lot of recipes and so on based on products that I cannot stand for, and my standards are quite high with respect for both human health and planetary health. So instead, I wish to encourage those of you who appreciate my work, may it be recipes, articles, interviews, pictures, or my music, to simply make a donation on this page. Any donation is greatly appreciated no matter the amount!


The work I have done for A Sustainable World with international interviews presenting leading experts, as well as my own articles, is completely voluntary work. However, it has required a lot of my time with both preparation, interviews, editing, research, writing work, as well as communication with contacts and the expert in question.


The interviews have reached all over the world (all continents), which is very gratifying. But due to lack of time I have had to pause my work with A Sustainable World. Unfortunately, you can't make a living from voluntary work, and right now I´m working on a book among other things. I´m however hoping to do more interviews in the future.

This is a map showing website traffic from all over the world (the result of three interviews so far):


















A Sustainable World by Ayako Miki

If YOU would like to donate a sum to support my work, I would be very grateful! Donate by clicking on one of the suggestions below, or support my fundraiser. Thank you!

Together we can achieve everything!

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My interviews and writings are completely uncensored - something that is very unusual today. It's a matter of spreading awareness without filters in order to create a sustainable world together. It requires that we face our reality exactly as it is. In other words; not as we want it to be. Only by accepting the world as it is NOW are we able to create the world we dream about for our future.

Much love & enlightenment, Ayako

A Sustainable World by Ayako Miki

Organizations & Foundations for

A Sustainable World

If you don´t wish to support my work, I´ll give you a few other suggestions - organizations I believe in 100% that work for a sustainable world

in their own unique way.

Children's Health Defense, InterTribal Buffalo Council

Elephant Nature Park, & Kevin Richardson Foundation

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