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Intuitive Living - Sponsorship

Intuitive Living is an ad-free business, and everything on this website is something we support. (Collaborations do occur, however). Therefore, we are of course very grateful for any and all contribution!

Do you wish to become a sponsor?

Intuitive Living, including my international interview series A Sustainable World which aims to spread awareness regarding health and sustainability, has reached the whole world, i.e. all continents (56 different countries in the last year alone). However, we get most traffic from Sweden, followed by Finland, US and Great Britain.


(See the map below which shows the most frequent unique visitors in the last year).


Awareness is the key to a sustainable world

One of my absolute strongest driving forces is the desire to understand. Understand how everything is connected, why we are where we are today, gaining awareness regarding the human mind, our physical being and nature, as well as how we can create positive and sustainable changes that pave the way for a sustainable world. Truth is that we have an enormous power to create change, but without awareness, the changes we create are neither positive, constructive nor sustainable. We can always learn from our mistakes, but it surely is better to act with awareness; be well prepared, centered in your heart with clarity. After many years of research, development, observation as well as meditation, I can honestly say that I now contribute to creating a sustainable and healthy world on several levels, with the awareness I have and spread. Something that the lifestyle concept I created evidently is a part of.

Do you want to become a sponsor for Intuitive Living?

Now, I wish to invite you/your company on this important journey. With financial support, we can reach further and more positive waves can be spread. Do you/your company wish to join Intuitive Living as a sponsor? Then feel free to write to me and tell me a little about yourself or your company. What is your aim and why do you wish to connect with Intuitive Living. THANK YOU!


Click on the icon and fill out the form. ;-)

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