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A Lifestyle Concept

With Intuitive Living I have created a holistic concept in the form of a lifestyle that includes both health and well-being in an interconnected wholeness. Years of research, tests, observations, an enormous amount of work and practice, a great deal of awareness, the ability to create and find new ways, and to maintain a sustainable balance as well as a clear focus without losing anything, is what led me to this lifestyle concept.

It´s a matter of simplifying with awareness, letting go of the insignificant and bringing out the essential - what´s sustainable. In other words, to distance yourself from what doesn't benefit you, hence allowing you to focus on what benefits you. If you are able to do this, you'll also find clarity and ease in life, as well as good health and happiness. All 'the insignificant' requires so much effort and energy, it binds us to unhealthy behavior and unhealthy eating habits and is neither sustainable for man nor nature.

Intuitive Living by Ayako Miki - Lifestyle Concept

In the heart, we are centered - thus balanced and not blocked by thought patterns and imprints. In other words, we have free access to our intuition. The intuition is endless, and in my opinion, our most valuable 'tool' in life. Living intuitively is about living in the present, as intuition is something you only have access to in the present. In the brain, however, we follow a lot of patterns and imprints from our past - which of course is limited. Whereas intuition is like an open, unlimited 'library' that looks out for your best in wholeness. I follow my intuition in life and wish to inspire others to do the same. Hence the name; Intuitive Living.

In short, Intuitive Living is about finding 'the sustainable' regarding everything in life, and thereby creating a good and serving lifestyle.

The Eight Spokes


My lifestyle concept is based on these eight spokes that constitutes the driving force and harmony of 'the wheel of life'. In other words, a healthy and harmonious flow.


  • A positive and bright life perspective with a core of (self) respect and (self) love, allowing us to be centered in the heart, thus in touch with our intuition. Without intuition, we unfortunately rely on imprints and patterns from our past, which are limited by each individual's previous experiences.

  • Sleep and meditation. - A matter of recharging and relaxing in other words. Sleeping is essential for both physical and mental health. Meditation also benefits us both physically and mentally and has proven to be an important key to a successful life. You may also look at it as a way to check in with yourself in silence and just 'be'. However, many people find it hard to 'just be,' as they live very hectic and stressful lives.

  • Energy management. This is about understanding and becoming aware of energy and how it works, in a way that helps you to avoid exhaustion, lack of energy and stress.

  • Awareness and life wisdom. In other words; growth and ability to understand life. A matter of both the greatest questions of life, as well as a sustainable daily life. Living consciously both simplifies life, enriches it and helps us to live in harmony with nature.



  • A nutritious, natural and delicious diet. As far as possible food from both the plant and animal kingdoms to ensure that both brain and body receive full nutrition. It is neither natural nor healthy to separate plants from animals in the ecosystem, or in our inner 'ecosystem' which i.a. includes our gut flora and several different physical systems such as energy production, the nervous system, the immune system, the hormonal system and the cardiovascular system. All these systems relate to what we eat!

  • Exercise and especially yoga, but also cardio training such as running. Yoga is a unique form of exercise as it allows us to work on strength, focus, concentration, balance, flexibility and perspectives in the same time as it´s supporting the energetic flow in the body, dissolves tensions and blockages as well as stagnant emotions from difficult experiences, working on body and mind simultaneously, as well as awakening both body and mind.

  • In touch with nature. Nature is essential for our own nature and if we lose this connection, we unfortunately also lose our sanity.

  • Clean and natural surroundings. In an extremely polluted world filled with chemicals it´s impossible to live in absolute purity, and I´m not asking anyone to do more than they are able to. But a good goal is to always aim for a cleaner lifestyle without stressing yourself. If there is a natural choice, simply choose that! One step at a time!

These eight spokes represents the basics of my lifestyle concept. Read more about diet and health here. Members have access to a range of articles on the blog (mainly in Swedish however). And I also offer intuitive life coaching.

It is important to understand that this is all interconnected and always relates to the specific individual. The common denominators that we all have, however, are those that relate to the laws of nature and physics. What I call 'the constant'. Everything in between is what I call 'the inconstant' and this is of course about lifestyle as well as everything we create in life.

My purpose is to optimize human health in a way that harmonizes with nature, both regarding physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Thereby also work for sustainability as well as prevent illness and disease. Meaning that my work is focused on taking care of health rather than healing disease. However, following my lifestyle concept may very well heal out ailments and complaints. I´m a living proof of that.


Essentially, you may say that Intuitive Living is all about healing both human kind and nature - thereby also the climate.

For good health and well-being, Ayako

Intuitive Living by Ayako Miki
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