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Diet & Health

My interest in health and well being started in my early teens. (I´m 41 now). And I have since studied life thoroughly, both through my own research, observation and intuition, as well as conversations with other people (nutrition experts, doctors, scientists, health practitioners and knowledgeable amateurs), books, international teleseminars and health summits with nutrition experts, spiritual practitioners, entrepreneurs etc. - Simply looked at what makes us feel good in every way, physically, mentally and spiritually. As an intuitive life coach and healer, I have worked with people internationally. (Feel free to read others words about me here. - At the bottom of the page).

During my life I have developed certain health guidelines that I live by to maintain a good inner - and physical health without being fanatical in any way or pushing myself. For my choice is to live with ease, love and respect. They are based on what makes you genuinely and sustainably happy and healthy, both regarding body and soul, in a way that generates positive energy!


My lifestyle concept is based on what I call 'The Eight Spokes'. These 'spokes' adress both inner health (regarding mental, emotional and spiritual health) and physical health (regarding diet, lifestyle and exercise). And thanks to my unique anti-inflammatory diet (which also aims to prevent cancer and depression), I have healed eczema, watering eyes which I suffered from since my teenage years and severe pollen allergy. I also healed a HPV-virus that I had for many years in 2022 after adding specific antiviral foods to my diet. In addition to all this, I have improved my mental health and clarity, and have a very strong and positive mentality as well as super sharp intuition.

My knowledge within the field of health and nutrition has helped me to create

healthy versions of the very worst health culprits, such as cakes, sweets, pasta and bread.

You can read more about health and diet in my book Anti-inflammatory & Healing Food. This book is however written in Swedish.

Becoming a member of Intuitive Living will give you access to all my anti-inflammatory recipes, articles etc. on my blogg.

The more we love ourselves, our inner essence as well as physically, the less we tend to overeat, crave unhealthy food, or develop unhealthy behavior.

An unhealthy diet and life perspective, promotes mental and physical illness. So we simply need to prevent mental and physical illness and disease with a healthy and conscious lifestyle. I wish to bring awareness of how we - in a natural and relaxed way - best take care of ourselves (mentally, physically and spiritually), both in terms of diet and awareness. I also wish to bring awareness regarding how all this is interconnected and thereby help people to truly take charge of both their life as well as their health. Know that If you can get sick, you can also get healthy. Or as Einstein might have said if he was alive today;

The lifestyle and mentality that made you sick

is not the same lifestyle and mentality that will make you healthy.

A strong and healthy body can handle more than an unhealthy and weak body. So it´s important to adapt everything in life to the individual. - A matter of relativity. When it comes to diet, it´s also a matter of how we prepare/treat our food. Super healthy food can become very toxic if you process or refine it without respect of its nature! I place great emphasis on removing highly inflammatory foods and eating a lot of anti-inflammatory foods, including spices such as cinnamon and turmeric. (Highly inflammatory food is also often addictive ...) Once we have removed very inflammatory foods, such as refined sugar, refined fats and grain products, gluten and industrial milk (raw milk and full-fat, fermented dairy that aren´t homogenized are better choices), we are able to develop a way of eating/a diet that suits our individual needs in the best way. Other important factors are; probiotics and enzyme rich food (e.g. fermented foods and foods supporting our gut flora and enhance digestion), superfood (foods rich in antioxidants and nutrients) that protect our body from free radicals and toxins, and boost our immune system, nutrient-dense foods with low glycemic index that are easy to digest, balances our blood sugar and thereby also our hormones (e.g. meat, fish, eggs, and healthy fat both from the animal kingdom and plant kingdom). When we balance our blood sugar and hormones we also prevent illness and disease such as diabetes and cancer. It´s a matter of eating intuitively with respect of our present mental and physical health as well as cycles, rather than having a fixed diet. The purpose is not to limit, but rather about choosing consciously! And rather than eating in the same way always, varation and diversity are important keys regarding both what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat! - A matter of listening to our bodies.

Unfortunately, I see many people who claim to be anti-inflammatory diet experts spreading recipes that undoubtedly will cause inflammation not only because of the choice of ingredients but also the way they´re prepared. What we´re talking about here is grains - including gluten free grains such as oats.


It´s also important to be aware of the fact that biodiversity is essential not only in nature, but also in your body's nature. To maintain the very best harmony in your body thereby means to include both animal source foods and plant-based foods. In nature, plants and animals live in an inseparable symbiosis, and this symbiosis should be reflected in the microbiome as well, as the biodiversity is a vital key to good health. An example of this is the fact that the bacteria Akkermansia only is found in a rich microbiome with great diversity - a sign of a truly healthy gut flora.


However, I would like to point out that good health is a process that looks differently for everyone. And it´s important to be aware of the fact that your body reacts not only physically when you change your diet, but also often emotionally. So it´s important to have patience and take one step at the time, in order to create a natural process that our awareness is capable of following. In other words; We must go through the process that leads to better health as change isn´t instant.

We must all meet ourselves where we are and as we are. And intuition is our most important key, as no book or manual can fit everyone. We are all individuals, not GMO's. ;-) But when our body is filled with toxins and mental blockages, it´s very difficult to connect with our intuition. Therefore, we have to become aware of what we feed ourselves with - both regarding mind and body, as well as letting go of what´s not serving us/working against us.

This is also very much about changing perspective from the ego-based reality; all about proving ourselves, being controlled by others' and/or our own expectations, titles, the 'norm', superficial values, believes, and a time-limited perspective that stresses us, to an intuitive perspective that helps us focus on the pure essence and that of true value that enriches ourselves and our world, centered in your heart with patience, not controlled by a 'to-do-list' and the feeling of constantly needing to update social media (our external self). Unfortunately, your body doesn´t care about your lists, social media and what your ego thinks and wants. Your body is part of nature where completely different forces are in charge.


Remember, whatever you do, do it for the sake of love (not speaking of romance here...), and not because you 'should' according to someone or something else. You don´t need to fit any frame of any kind. ;-)


Always listen to your 'self' and body! And for God's sake, let go of the idea that health is boring and tasteless!



PS. If you suffer from any illness and wish to seek medical advice, make sure your doctor has knowledge regarding diet and be aware of the fact that today's medical education is based on medicine. Thus, physicians are not nutrition experts unless they have chosen to study nutrition additionally.


Intuitive Living by Ayako Miki
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