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Hi! I´m the women behind this website. With my lifestyle concept Intuitive Living, I wish to inspire people to live as fully as possible, with ease, presence, (self) love and (self) respect, with awareness of health (both mentally, emotionally and physically), as well as living intuitively from the heart, rather than being controlled by the mind/ego. This is related to sustainability. Unfortunately, many believe that sustainability is about 'sacrificing' oneself in some way, both in terms of food and lifestyle. Many ban the nutritious meat, but retain the refined sugar that does nothing but harm. Are people asleep, I wonder? To me, it´s all about focusing on genuine value, thus freeing yourself from all 'unnecessary padding.' It´s about seeing life in a conscious, holistic perspective - sustainable for both man and nature! As man and nature are a connected matter and will always be.


In your heart you are centered, thereby balanced and not blocked by thought patterns and believes. Hence, you have a free access to your intuition. Intuition is endless, and in my opinion, our most valuable 'tool' in life. Living intuitively is all about living in the present, as intuition is something you only have access to in the now. In the brain, on the other hand, we follow a lot of patterns and imprints from our past which are limited. While intuition is like an open, unlimited 'library' that looks to your best, overall. I follow my intuition in life and wish to inspire others to do the same. Hence, the name of my lifetyle concept - Intuitive Living.

I was born and raised in Örebro (Sweden), but at 19 I moved to Stockholm (three years later Copenhagen) to study classical music. I was at the beginning of my career as a classical pianist with a side interest doing TV series & commercials as a model/actress, when I decided to move back to Örebro. After that, I started to focus more on health and lifestyle, which led to my lifestyle concept Intuitive Living.

During my life, I have also developed fundamental guidelines for great health (part of my lifestyle concept) - both regarding physical health (diet, lifestyle and exercise) and 'inner health.' (Mental -, emotional -, and spiritual health). It was a natural part of my journey as a spiritual teacher and healer. And all these health keys are of course interconnected, as nothing is one thing only and nothing works one way only. In my case, these health keys led to the healing of eczema, watering eyes which I suffered from since my teenage years, and severe pollen allergy (without any medication). Today, my health is better than ever!


Life never ceases to fascinate and inspire me, as I don´t take it for granted. - All about the growth and diversity of life and how we are part of this. Everything from the small detail to big transformations and achievements. The joy and fascination of seeing and experiencing life, thus also learning from it. - The sourdough rising, the bread or cake transforming in the oven and the sweet, delicious flavour (hopefully), when you taste it. The flowers extending towards the light, reminding us of the simplicity of life (strength but at the same time fragility), to be silly and be able to laugh at ourselves. The communication between people (with and without words), new meetings and perspectives that provide new insights and pave the way for a better and richer world. To also experience and enjoy your personal growth and journey, as well as giving and receiving love. In other words; generate love. It´s not about seeking perfection, yet simply about being part of life's growth, development and beauty with presence and harmony. If you embrace life with faith and gratitude, love and respect, I believe you have found the essence of a truly happy life.

To me, happiness is part of our natural essence and a perspective rather than something you achieve - the perspective of light, versus the perspective of darkness; of seeing and being grateful, rather than taking for granted and judge.

However, we´re constantly influenced by a lot of external matters blocking our natural happiness, causing us to focus on our ego instead, which often makes us unhappy... Media, and especially social media, feeds us with a false happiness (ego's happiness), focusing on achieving more, being more and having more. It´s a polished representation of life that doesn´t benefit us. - An unhealthy social hype not serving us, because it´s a superficial perspective chasing for 'the perfect/correct life' (whatever that is according to whom?), instead of focusing on and resting in our true self, as well as that of genuine value that makes us feel genuinely good in a sustainable way. I want my website to be a relaxed space, with a human and natural essence. For it´s not about performing, but rather about sharing and spreading what helps us grow as human beings, as well as creating a better and cleaner world and planet. To me, it's about being genuine and honest with yourself and others. - True to both body and soul. Someone once told me; "You are as real as real could be," something I wish this website to reflect as well.


I have not always been super healthy, nor super clear regarding my choices in life, but I have learned a lot, both from the mistakes of others (illness in the family for example), as well as my own. And step by step, my life has become more and more conscious, balanced and healthy, thus better! Yet without compromising with pleasure! It only took a little imagination and research. I left the refined sugar, gluten and refined oils, when I realized it was inflammatory. It's like an ex; he no longer serves you, and you no longer need him. You've said goodbye and found what serves you better. So with this awareness I developed a way of eating/diet that consists of food and sweets that we can enjoy without challenging our health! All about natural, healthy food that isn´t (unnaturally) processed/refined; gluten-free, sugar-free, no additives, generally limited with starch and carbohydrates, with emphasis on nutritious animal protein, and healthy fat both from the animal kingdom and plant kingdom, as well as a focus on anti-inflammatory foods, superfoods (rich in antioxidants), probiotics (fermented foods), and good enzymes. I don´t drink milk, but plenty of water! But I do however eat fermented and full fat dairy. It´s all about eating intuitively rather than according to a 'fixed diet.' And it´s important to understand that we should maintain our freedom, and thereby allow ourselves to make exceptions and change our lifestyle as we grow and become wiser. More about this here.


My knowledge within the field of health and nutrition has helped me to create

healthy versions of the very worst health culprits, such as cakes, sweets, pasta and bread.


Now, I wish to share my recipes (only in Swedish so far) and insights with you, in order for you to bake and cook delicious and healthy dishes and sweets, boost your body and hopefully live with greater ease, better health, happiness and love. And I hope to inspire you to walk your own pathway as who and what you are. It´s a waste of time to walk in other peoples footsteps! 


People often think I'm much younger than I am (now 40). Well, when you take care of body and soul and live with respect and love for yourself, you naturally create an 'anti-age lifestyle.' And no, it has nothing to do with expensive creams and exclusive drops from Estée Lauder. I've tried that, but Intuitive Living is so much better! Pure within and pure without!

2021 I also created my international interview series 'A Sustainable World' where I interview experts who work for a sustainable world in different ways regarding diet and health, nature and farming, as well as climate. I see these matters as a united field. And the very key to a sustainable world is in fact to understand how these pieces are interconnected, affecting each other, and finding out how we can create the very best balance and harmony within this puzzle. An exciting journey toward a brighter future! Feel free to join!

Simply said; my purpose is to spread awareness and help people to think and see by themselves. Or as Dr Natasha Campell-McBride expresses it; 

"You are a deep thinking person and an independent thinker. There are not many people like that in the world, so it is up to people like you to wake other people up."



Much love and enlightenment, Ayako



Intuitive Living by Ayako Miki
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