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Intuitive Healing

During a distance healing session I open up intuitively and spiritually, and simply let our source guide me to how I can help you the most in the moment. This is a matter of energy work. I also work with the archangels, both individually and in wholeness - as One. What I can help you with is typically pain, fatigue, mental or physical issues or blockages. It´s important to also be aware of the fact that what we feel doesn´t always belong to ourselves. Very sensitive people can feel both mental and physical pain from others. And people with a lot of inner light are often drained by people in their surroundings. Wounds both from present life and earlier lives are also matters we all need to deal with and heal. Unfortunately, these wounds are something that not only makes life difficult for many, but also get reinforced if nothing is done.

In this healing session I will both clear energies, send you healing and guide you intuitively. I always focus on what feels most important for you, right here and now.

I use PayPal for safe and secure payment. Payment is always made before our session and I don´t mind having sessions in the weekends! 


Healing 30 min - 500 SEK 

Healing 45 min - 800 SEK


Healing 60 min - 1100 SEK

Book a seassion here and let me know how long session you wish. If I have time, I will normally get back to you within 24 hours!

With love & light, Ayako

Intuitive Healing, Ayako Miki


"Your healing works wonders." ~ Gunilla           
"You bring light with your views and life perspective. A rare thing."  ~ Philip

"Sometimes, Ayako, your intuitive insights have the accuracy of a laser scope."  ~ Mark Thompson

"Love your wisdom and insights! Thank you  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ "~ Jill Gardner

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