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Intuitive Life Coaching

I offer intuitive life coaching online. My own life journey has given me great clarity and ability to see multiple perspectives in wholeness, which has led me to a place in life where I have found joy, natural flow, clear direction and constant inspiration. Many have appreciated my guidance when having difficulties in life. Among them, professional coaches.
The foundation of a good life is a good lifestyle. This is a matter of being aware of which parts of life that affect our health and wellbeing, but of course also life in general. I´m speaking of the eight spokes that my lifestyle concept consists of. These eight spokes/parts of our lifestyle are together what you may call 'the wheel that drives us through life.' Yet in order to create a good flow, all these parts need to work in harmony. And this is what I´ll help you with!
We can either see life in a bright and positive perspective, or in a dark and negative perspective. I have an ability to always see the bright side, which can help those who are stuck in negative thoughts, thus experiencing insecurity, depression and fear. We can be driven by fear, or we can be driven by love. Yet being driven by fear is never favorable no matter how justified one thinks it is. So it's important to always find your way back to love and thereby faith. Without a sense of faith life can be very difficult.
In other cases the issue is clarity and direction. We all experience challenges in life. We may also need to adjust our life choices as we grow and transform, both in terms of work, relationships and lifestyle. This is all something life coaching can help you with.
But it can also be a matter of strengthening your mindset in order to get better results, perhaps taking that step you so badly want but don´t seem to find the courage to take, or finding the power to stand up for yourself and being honest with who you truly are.
Last but not least, I´ll also help you clearing energetic blockages that block your abundance both regarding finances and relationships. This is a matter of emotional wounds (including earlier lives), that leads to negative and destructive believes blocking your abundance when it coms to both money, gifts and relationships/love. These wounds/blockages often appear early in life (from age 0-7), and if they aren´t removed, they will create more layers of destructive believes during life.
No matter what, my work is essentially about meeting You where you are, guiding and supporting you on your pathway forward with respect of who you truly are within. As I once expressed it; Finding yourself is to find your pathway. And this is in short what I can help you with.
I use  PayPal  for safe and secure payment. The payment is always made before your session and I am available during the weekends as well. 


Coaching 30 min   500 SEK (about 46 USD).

Coaching 45 min  - 800 SEK (about 74 USD).

Coaching 60 min  - 1100 SEK (about 101 USD).

Contact me here to register your interest. I will get back to you within 24 h if I have time! I only take a limited amount of clients and it´s important to be ready to meet both yourself and life without filters!

With love & light, Ayako



"Your words are like magic." ~ Dr Urmee Jahan
 "I love your clarity. Your guidance is proving invaluable to me – open and direct; but caring and honest." ~ Philip

"Sometimes, Ayako, your intuitive insights have the accuracy of a laser scope."  ~ Mark Thompson

"Love your wisdom and insights! Thank you ❤️ ❤️ ❤️" ~ Jill Gardner

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