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Classical Pianist

Ayako Miki - Classical Pianist

Ayako Miki was born into an artist family with ceramicists, photographers and musicians like Nichio Miki who was a cellist, conductor and founder of the Tokyo Mozart Chamber Orchestra.

As a young child, Ayako made her first performance on Swedish radio playing Für Elise by Beethoven. Later she was chosen as a soloist to join the orchestra of the music school on a small tour in Austria. During her early studies in her hometown Örebro (Sweden), she also had the privilege to perform solo recitals in Örebro Concert Hall.

Before Ayako moved to Stockholm to study music full-time, she was a part of both the Haydn and Schumann Festival. She was also awarded with a number of scholarships from The Royal Swedish Academy of Music , in Stockholm. (The same academy distributing the Polar Music Price).

Among these, Ayako was chosen as the only pianist in her age category to receive Maj von Rosens scholarship 1999. She was invited to play at a ceremony held at the academy in Stockholm.

At The Royal Danish Academy of Music she studied with the Czech pianist Bohumila Jedlickova (pupil of Adele Marcus and Guido Agosti). Earlier studies at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm was finished with a degree of Master in Music. Her main teachers were Prof. Staffan Scheja and Prof. Stefan Bojsten, but she also worked with Prof. Anders Kilström and Prof. Mats Widlund in chamber music. Already the first year in Stockholm she received the highest score in chamber music with Prof. Kilström as tutor.

Maj von Rosen stipendium - Ayako Miki

Ayako receives Maj von Rosens scholarship 1999 at The Royal Swedish Academy of Music.

Ayako has also participated in several masterclasses with pianists such as Yonty Solomon, Paul Roberts, Erik Tawaststierna, Michel Béroff, Emanuel Krasowsky and Andrzej Jasinski.


During the summer 2009 Ayako was chosen to be one of the rising stars, among older more established pianists in Denmark, in a concert series held at Karens Minde Culture House.

Year 2011 she was invited to play at a festival in Spain, Gran Canaria.

Ayako Miki´s repertoire range from early baroque music to modern composers such as Torú Takemitsu, and she has performed in Scandinavia as well as Europe.


After Ayako moved back to Sweden life took a different turn. Health and lifestyle as well as sustainability became very important matters to her, in the same time as she realized she wanted to spend more time playing by herself. Music had become too much about performing and too little about art. Too much about delivering and too little about sharing. –Something she knew had to change, before she was ready to play in public again.


As a part of her new and healthy lifestyle yoga came into the picture, which helped her to connect deeper with her instrument on a physical level. As she says; “Playing the piano is like real fast yoga for your fingers.”


May we hear her play again? Whoever lives will see. ;-) 

Pianist, Ayako Miki

"Ayako Miki's nimble fingers conjured up Beethoven's Pathétique op 13 from the grand piano of the concert hall."

Ulf Hjelting, NerikesAllehand

Others about

Ayako is an unusual pianist, gifted with a natural musicality and the interest for the deeper layer of music. ~ Bohumila Jedlickova


Super gifted. ~ Prof. Staffan Scheja


Such a virtuoso. ~ Prof. Anders Kilström


Ayako Miki is a great piano talent. Her playing is known by its warmth and richness of tone colors. ~ Prof. Stefan Bojsten


You understand Debussy. ~ Prof. Jonty Solomon


So super musical. ~ Nina Gade

Your music makes my worst day feel better than most people's best day... ~ Anonymous listener

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