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A Sustainable World by Ayako Miki

A Sustainable World - Interview Series

Featuring experts within the interconnected field of health, nature & climate.


Welcome to this international interview series providing you with a united, or shall I say 'interconnected field' of experts working for a sustainable world. I, myself have been mingling with experts in health (nutrition and medicine), biology and farming, sustainability and science for years. Now, I´d like to join the dots and bring forth those who walk their talk and literally take care of human health and planetary health, with awareness regarding how this in fact is a united matter.

If you don´t unite the pieces in a puzzle, you'll never solve the puzzle.


The world has been suffering from so much separation, ideology and corruption, before true reality-based knowledge, non-biased science and sincerity. Let´s get this straight now, shall we?

It´s important to understand that everything is connected - but the question is how? And if our nature is out of balance so is EVERYTHING ELSE, including climate! Whether something is balanced or not is all about how we deal with it - in other words; how we treat it. And as we constantly affect nature, able to both destroy and heal, we must live with awareness, in harmony with nature and thereby ourselves! 

We can create a paradise or we can destroy our world. I say; Let´s create a paradise!


Huge attention has been given to climate the past years, but we must remember that nature is the core and climate is the reflection of the core. Not the other way around. Just as clearly as symptoms are reflections of a disease. Unfortunately, human kind has a tendency to think that removing the symptoms is to heal a disease. That is never the case and it´s just as foolish as picking some dandelions, and then leaving the roots in the ground whilst thinking they will disappear by themselves. Dearest people, let´s get to the roots of this matter! - A Sustainable world! Feel free to join me!

Much love & enlightenment, Ayako



The Foundation - Three profound interviews


A Sustainable World by Ayako Miki - Dr Sylvia Karpagam

Featuring Dr Sylvia Karpagam;


A public health doctor and researcher from India, part of the Right to Food and Right to Health campaigns.


Sylvia is someone you can find on the ground, face to face with people, including children. She speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves and stands up for their rights with no hesitation.

Excerpt from the interview: "There is a need for climate experts to understand nutrition and also the real importance of livestock. Right now they are pushing for plant based foods without much thought on the actual benefits vs adverse consequences of this."

A Sustainable World by Ayako Miki

Featuring Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride;


Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride holds a Degree in Medicine and Postgraduate Degrees in both Neurology and Human Nutrition. She is the creator of GAPS – Gut And Psychology / Gut And Physiology Syndrome. The GAPS Nutritional Protocol is being used successfully by hundreds of thousands of people around the world for treating a plethora of chronic health problems, from mental illness to physical disorders.

Today, Dr Natasha lives on an organic, regenerative farm in UK.

Excerpt from the interview: "Food is the most effective medicine in the world, so in any chronic disease it is your diet you must change first and foremost. For many people this is the only change that is required to heal. For other people herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture, spiritual and other natural approaches should be added to complete the healing process."

A Sustainable World by Ayako Miki - Ken Power

Featuring Ken Power - Founder of TruBeef;


A 100% organic, 100% natural, 100% grass-fed and finished, non-GMO Vertified, Carbon Neutral Certified and Animal Welfare Certified family business based in California.

They use no antibiotics and no added hormones and their beef is gluten free!

Excerpt from the interview: "I had the chance to take a walk around a massive industrial monocrop soy plantation (I can't call it a farm). It was an eerie and horrific sight, sound, and smell. The soil was like a dark carpet of fine lifeless dust, devoid of any obvious natural matter such as dead leaves or worms. The soil smelled lifeless with no obvious rustic odor one would find in healthy soil. Most memorable was the silence. No bees, no butterflies, no birds, no crickets, no movement… just silence. Mother Nature was long gone."


I call them heroes and land managers - and so they are without trying. For it is their nature and natural task to take care of our soil, our land and everything that grows on it and live from it - including us humans.

Human kind thought they were clever and invented fertilizers and pesticides (first used in gas chambers and as chemical weapons in World War II), but there´s a difference between intelligence and cleverness. They forgot the laws of nature, in fact the very most basic law of them all. Only that which is natural harmonizes with nature. Everything else will harm nature sooner or later.

People, let´s keep it real, let´s keep it natural. Let´s stop creating dead end roads and start regenerating!

A Sustainable World by Ayako Miki
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