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Intuitive Living by Ayako Miki

Ayako Miki

Lifestyle expert, yogi, healer, multi-artist, creator of the interview series 'A Sustainable World', and founder of the lifestyle concept Intuitive Living.

Ayako Miki is a yogi who wishes to inspire others to live more fulfilling and healthy lives without compromising with joy and pleasure. She´s working to spread awareness regarding health, sustainability and life in general on an international level, and Ayako's awareness has been called "a tremendous asset."


Intuition and relativity are important keys in her work, for as Einstein said; "It is not intellect but intuition which advances humanity." With the help of our intuition we are more able to understand relativity. A matter of a flexible perspective that enables us to grasp both the individual and the ever changing world we live in. We need to maintain a focus both on important details as well as the interconnected wholeness. We need to find bridges that unite our society and ask ourselves how we can cooperate in order to create a better world.

Ayako Miki - Intuitive Living

Step by step we can change the world. It's not about being perfect, but doing the best you can based on the individual you are, as well as the opportunities you have. Together we form the diversity required to create a fantastic world where peace, health, good growth and love prevail. This is already a reality, but a reality that needs to be spread and taken care of. At the same time as we learn to distance ourselves from everything that is not good. Because nothing has only one side, and without wholeness our world remains fragmented.

Ayako was born in Örebro, but as a 19-year-old she moved to Stockholm (three years later Copenhagen), to study classical music. She was at the beginning of a career that classical pianist, as well as model/actress, when she decided to move back to Sweden again. After that, an interest in health and lifestyle developed, leading to the lifestyle concept Intuitive Living conscious lifestyle for health & happiness, as well as her blog where she imparts her knowledge, and shares recipes that are both healthy and tasty, whether it concerns dishes or baked goods.


For 5 years, Ayako has shared all recipes, articles etc., without charge. But of course, this is not sustainable in the long run. As a result, the blog content is now only available to members. (A password is required to open the posts).


Ayako would like to point out that recipes and articles on a blog have just as much value as recipes and articles published in magazines and books for sale.


And a 'book' based on 5 years of research, development, practice, work, time and effort should have a pretty high value. It is important to distinguish between influencers and bloggers who act as commercial billboards for other people's products and companies, as opposed to those who have written, created and developed what they share, themselves, and thereby created their own value. Just because something is posted on a blog, it should neither be taken for granted nor exploited. We must learn to value people's work no matter in which 'room' or on what 'platform' it is shared. This is a matter of respect, as well as the ability to distinguish between the creator, and the person who shares or promotes what other people or companies have created.

People prefer cheap and free of charge, but I´m neither cheap nor free of charge. And I have no ambition to become anything like it in the future. ~ Ayako Miki

Ayako Miki - Intuitive Living

Ayako's work is presented with her own photos, and in 2016 her photos were also published in the book 'International Contemporary Artists Vol XI'. (Link).


Ayako's unique anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle concept helped her to heal constantly watering eyes when outdoors, eczema and severe pollen allergy without medication. She is now completely free from all medication (Including painkillers). Something she also writes about in her book Anti-inflammatory & Healing Foods - Anti-inflammatory foods, Inflammatory foods & the Grey Zone In-Between.

Year 2021, Ayako's unique yoga practice Intuitive Yoga aiming to work with the human being in wholeness was also born, together with her international interview series A Sustainable World, where she interviews world leading experts who in various ways work for a more sustainable world. These interviews are not perfunctorily made. Instead, they are a result of unique meetings with professionals who know what they are speaking of and bring forth important messages to our world.

On this website and blog you will also find nature photography by Ayako. And in her two online galleries Flower Theraphy and Nature Theraphy you are invited to have a moment of relaxation whilst enjoying pictures of nature and classical music performed by Ayako. Nature and relaxation are two important keys in her lifestyle concept Intuitive Living. And these two galleries are embracing these parts of Intuitive Living. You may also enjoy her Yoga Gallery presenting her yoga poses in unity with nature. Each photo brings an intuitive message which is a symbolic interpretation of the photos.

Ayako has also been described as "a true clean-living person." This may be connected to her aim to live by the principle 'clean without and clean within', which of course includes both man and nature.

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Intuitive Living by Ayako Miki
Quotes about
Intuitive Living by Ayako Miki

"Sometimes, Ayako, your intuitive insights have the accuracy of a laser scope."~ Mark Thompson

"You bring light with your views and life perspective. A rare thing." ~ Philip (life coach)

"Ayako... You are such a wonderful person that words fail to describe you. Your words are like magic." ~ Dr. Urmee Jahan

"You are Einstein in words!" ~ A. s. Angelo (illustrator & performing artist)

"Very thought-provoking."~ Gemma Evans (founder of healthHackers)

"You are a deep thinking person and an independent thinker. There are not many people like that in the world, so it is up to people like you to wake other people up." ~ Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride (founder of GAPS)

"A rarity that few will meet in a life time... It's your writing and playing that made me feel so real that I felt unreal."~ Anonymous

"Your way of being is inspiring to me. Lucky are those who get to absorb your spirit." ~ Patrick Combs (motivational speaker & bestselling author)


"It is so nice to be enlightened with your presence." ~ Nati

"Beautiful words of wisdom."~ Geeoice Yoga (International Yogi)

"The first thing to notice is that you have an amazing brain and are a genius at heart..."~ Anonymous

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